What is EPIC?

After 7+ years of entrenching himself in the grassroots non-contact football space, Trent Dilfer has come to the conclusion that the modern-day athlete is facing an uphill climb that previous generations of athletes rarely dealt with.

The wide range of football players that Dilfer has dealt with – from a NFL 1st overall pick to players that never played a down after their last high school game – all shared one commonality; they had very little appreciation for the unique journey they were on and how that journey translates into personal success and peace.


Dilfer recognized the gap exists, particularly in the junior high and early high school years while these young athletes' dreams are being formed. Too often, they are told what they will become, both positively and negatively, rather than encouraged to pursue their potential with no destination defined. Also, many in this space have lost sight that "nurture' outweighs "nature". Resonating with this systemic problem, Dilfer's solution was to create an ecosystem that nurtures young athletes to reach their own personal potential and appreciate their own unique journey. As a result, the EPIC brand was born.

ep∙ic ˈepik/ (noun
 a long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.
2. An episode in the lives of men in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted.


The EPIC Brand reaches beyond QB camps, passing competitions, or a football "school"; it is everything carefully designed into one "Epic" event. Embedded within each experience is the connotation of a "journey" one goes on that encompasses their heroic deeds and courageous setbacks...Thus it becomes an "Epic".

Our use of the word:
"Epic" is a word that is underused outside of describing (adjective) a monumental feat or attraction. An "Epic" can be used as a noun that represents the event itself. In our proposed use of the word it would even scale beyond the event and attach the word to the coaches, the teaching, and the process of building young leaders designed to make an impact both on and off the field.


In the EPIC methodology, football players will learn that some of the fun is discovered in the struggle, that there is a freedom found within their "temporary setbacks", and peace for an athlete is found by concentrating their efforts only on what they can control. By focusing the EPIC curriculum around the three things EVERY athlete can control – Their Attitude, Their Effort, and Their Energy – Dilfer has discovered the instruction is stickier and the impact is massive.

Through the EPIC verticals of QBEpic, Epic7, and SkillsEpic, the mission is to train the next generation of influencers to embrace and appreciate their own journey while accepting their burden of leadership. By doing so, there is a natural ripple down effect that positively influences all those they encounter. We believe that EPIC is a part of the Quarterback and Skill Player's journey where leaders in the college football world will have the ability to shape the future influencers of America.



It's been 29 years since Trent Dilfer was an under recruited Quarterback from the Northern California coast. Most college coaches asked if he would be OK playing tight end or linebacker. Since taking part in the recruiting process and then analyzing it ever since, Dilfer has realized the need for an all- encompassing college showcase to exist in the grass roots space. The QBEpic blueprint is designed to be a transformational experience that will allow each Quarterback to pursue their maximum potential through complete immersion into the world of Quarterbacking.

A carefully crafted ecosystem has been designed to come along side the young athlete and provide him "best in class" resources in his developmental journey. Innovative teaching technologies such as eCoach, AXON and STRIVR are integrated into the flow of the schedule so the teaching and learning never stops from the start of registration to the end of the event.


Dilfer has and always will advocate for Athletes to visit the college campuses that are showing interest in them. However, after talking with parents of elite high school Quarterbacks and evaluating the recruiting landscape thoroughly, Dilfer has discovered there are several variables and challenges for young quarterbacks to be actually SEEN by the people that matter in the recruiting process. Some of the glaring challenges that exist in the recruiting process range from geographic limitations of programs, an imbalance of recruiting budgets, the student athlete's High School off-season commitments and the financial risk for the family going to multiple camps without any guarantee of who will coach or evaluate their young quarterback.

Each Athlete will get the opportunity to be holistically trained on and off the field by Dilfer and his All-Star coaching staff.


The mission of the EPIC brand and one of Dilfer's core values is to pour physical and intellectual resources into coaches by sharing everything he has learned in a life immersed in playing, evaluating, teaching and communicating the quarterback position. Dilfer and other key partners of the EPIC Brand will give a comprehensive "coaching clinic" throughout QBEpic and SkillsEpic. This clinical aspect of the weekend will provide the platform for Dilfer to share all he has learned about development, evaluation and mentoring of the modern day quarterback.

EPIC will serve the student athlete, his family and college football programs around the country by providing the most comprehensive teaching, learning and evaluating opportunity in the grassroots quarterback space. Every step of the planning and execution of the weekend will be vetted by the NCAA compliance department and shared with each conferences compliance departments.