The most unique, grass roots experience in youth sports.


What is EPIC?

The curriculum originated from the simple idea that the way for Quarterbacks and Receivers to truly take steps towards reaching their maximum potential, is for them to be in sync from start to finish in a training environment.

Through strategic partnerships the players will physically develop over the course of the event, but more importantly will come to understand the intangibles needed above the neck that it takes to play at an elite level. Take the time to acquire the necessary tools in the summer so you’re tool kit will be ready to go for the off-season!

This is not a camp.

The weekend is intentionally designed to break the mold of the current youth sports camp landscape. This newly formulated, innovative blueprint will change the face of non-contact football for decades to come. It’s not a camp. 

It’s a transformative experience that will allow each quarterback to reach their maximum potential through complete immersion into the world of quarterbacking, within a carefully crafted ecosystem designed to help them flourish.


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